Can you go in some type of gui mode so you can see the whole screen

pls help


you can use the scale of the gui to [1,0] to get that full screen

i know but is there any way to edit in full screen mode

You need the explorer open, and from there you can just insert the GUI elements. Or, you can use the UI designer thing (on the Home tab in the ribbon bar)

In properties, make sure the GUI offset is set to 0, once that is done, you should be able to re-scale it to fit on a full screen. (By typing 1 in ‘Scale’)

Why would you need to edit in full screen mode? Just scale it to [1,0] and that should be the end of it.

Plus, this is supposed to be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support.

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Change the size to (1,0,1,0) so that it covers the whole screen. You are using offset which only covers a certain amount of pixels, and different screens have different resolutions, so switching over to scale will solve the problem. There is no “full screen” mode, all screens have different resolutions.

Edit: To clarify, using scale covers up a fraction of the screen and is out of 1. For example, 0.5 would cover half the screen.
However, offset only covers a certain amount of pixels of the screen and different screens have different resolutions. If you set the offset of a Frame to cover the whole screen of a 720p screen, it would not cover the whole screen if you were using a 1080p screen.

If you are talking about trying to ignore the gui, there’s a blue button labeled UI at the top right which toggles whether or not you can see GUIs in studio. (only in studio)

The way you can drag the explorer, properties and stuff like that works with the thing where you view scripts and your place, and resize it too full screen.

As of right now you can use phone and tablet sort of button then choose fit window and choose your device you want the scale to be similar to I would choose average laptop. Then to scale throughout all devices these post1 and post2 should help. For more information looks up how to scale GUIs on Roblox on the DevForum and YouTube or I believe you can call it adding constraints and anchor points.