Can you have a custom character

It is possible.
To change a person’s shirt/pants put

game.Players.ExampleUser.Character.Shirt.ShirtTemplate = rbxassetid://(Whatever ID you wanna put here)

game.Players.ExampleUser.Character.Pants.PantsTemplate = rbxassetid://(Whatever ID you wanna put here)

To put an accessory on simply set the accessory to inside the player’s character like
ExampleAccessory.Parent = game.Players.ExampleUser.Character.

No I meant like can you put a custom character then put pants and shirt on it?

You can copy the “custom character” clothes and stuff and paste it onto the player’s character when they join in.

No I mean like put on there clothes they’re wearing on the custom character

Not sure exactly what you’re asking but here’s how I make custom characters in the game im working on:

  • insert rig
    -go to rig and change colors of body parts of said rig
    -to change the face, insert an image of the face from the images in the toolbox (you have to search for the specific roblox face you want).
    -delete the default face
    -go to the inserted character in the explorer and click the plus sign. click shirt or pants. which ever you want.
    -you can insert a link to the shirt or pants you want in the box that shows up after this
    -hats and hair are a little harder. You need to install the catalog item inserter for this and adjust it to where the hat is on the person.

-if you don’t want the health bar or display name of the character to show up, find the part in the NPC labeled ‘humanoid’ and set the health display to zero as well as the name display

sorry if this isn’t easy to follow. Here’s the video I learned from ROBLOX Studio | How to customize an NPC - YouTube

Are you talking about StarterCharacters?

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I have really wanted a plugin to do this for my GFX for a long time.

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he is asking for is there a way
to have a custom character
wear the user’s clothes and pants

if you don’t understand…
lets say there I the normal avatar, ok? you get the shirts and pants of those, and you put it on a custom character. is that possible?

that’s what he is tryna say


That’s what I said. Yes. It’s possible just copy and paste the clothes.

No plugin for it sadly, which I really wanted :frowning:

starter characters is all im going to say

Are you talking about Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta?

Hmmmm, after reading a bit, are you asking for a plugin that allows you to put hats and shirts onto a character? If so, I’ll make a plugin on it! But can you confirm?

Yes, but this belongs in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. You can change it by editing the title, I would also suggest looking at previous developer forum posts before creating one as this has been answered an abundance of times.

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Thank you for the example that was what I was trying to say

Umm kida but I want it on a custom character

Thank you for telling me about that

Thank you for telling me about that cuz I didn’t know

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