Can you slow players without changing their walkspeed?

Are there workarounds for slowing player speed, like maybe adjusting the players weight?

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I don’t think you can slow the player down but maybe making them unable to move…

What do you want to achieve? Could you be more clear?

I have scripts that adjust speed for sprinting, but I’m also making a script for combat where if a player gets punched they’re slowed to kind of stun them for a combo.

I just don’t want to have to make a whole system for overriding each set speed. I’m tryna see if there’s more simplistic ways to do this.

Yeah i don’t think you can do that without having to editt one of the scripts

To my understanding there is no other way to slow down the player without changing their walkspeed.

The only thing I can think of is changing gravity, but that would affect everything (unless there’s a way to make it only affect one person?) but I think the easiest solution is just to change walkspeed, as tedious as that may be.

You can by overriding the default movement controls like what @ThanksRoBama method to simulate smoother character movement.

How it works is that the Humanoid:Move() has a hidden function to control the walking speed like a joystick if you play on mobile based on the magnitude of the movement direction vector from 0-1.