Cannot enter a quote below my username

Ok so about a few weeks ago, I noticed that my quote below my username on my profile had vanished; The quote wasn’t anything vile or anything of that sort, all it said was “Life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know whatcha gonna get.” That was the quote on my profile, the only difference was I used a foreign font to make it look cooler. Now that I’m trying to change my quote in settings, it doesn’t have the option. It’s like it was removed. I reset the page, and for a split second I saw the option right before it disappeared. If this is in the wrong category, sorry; I couldn’t find the #platformfeedback .

Here’s my profile link if you want to see for yourself, or it’s just a glitch on my end: Luitenantcolonol - Roblox

I think it was removed. Its removed for me.


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This was removed in preparation for the full release of Display Names.

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