Cannot install Studio due to "HttpQueryInfo failed with message Not Found"

Cannot install Roblox studio.
When I open RobloxStudioLauncherBeta in Downloads it gives me the error as shown below.
It was working fine prior to yesterday. I have not installed or enabled any features/applications etc. on my PC that would cause this issue.
I am running Windows 11. No beta features are enabled AFAIK.

Expected behavior

Roblox studio should open/download without this error.

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Having the same issue right now, suddenly started to happen.


I’m having the same problem on two Windows 11 devices. Started happening approx 20-24 hours ago.


Hey You can follow these steps to potentially fix it, it fixed it for me.


Also be sure to only use the “Edit” Button after you do this and if it doesn’t work attempt to reinstall studio.


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