Can't join games after shutdown

Whenever we’ve shutdown servers in our game recently, we’ve noticed an issue with getting into games.

At first we assumed this was a Roblox issue what with 400+ people trying to rejoin at the same time, but we’ve started to think this is an issue we have caused ourselves.

Essentially, when you try to rejoin the game after we shutdown all servers, your client gets stuck on this screen.

Sometimes after a few minutes, it finally goes through and shows the place name and the loading icon starts to rotate, but usually you have to close your client and rejoin a few times after that to actually get anywhere.

Sometimes we’ve managed to join broken servers like this, and the output is just spam of this message.

We’re not sure if this is an associated issue or not, but we’ve also noticed that a few minutes into gameplay, you sometimes get kicked with “you are playing this game from another device” (or something along those lines). We have confirmed that this is not an issue of our accounts being compromised, nor joining from other devices. Multiple users and developers on our game have experienced this.

My primary assumption is that this is being caused on Roblox’s side - servers are totally failing to stop from the looks of it, and the influx of players into them is causing them to lag like mad. It would be helpful if anyone has experienced this issue before and knows either how to fix it, or has confirmed it as a Roblox-side issue.


From the photos you posted, there appears to be a game:BindToClose() that is keeping the old shutdown servers open. This event is fired when the server is shutdown, and it is able to keep the server open until the BindToClose function finishes (for stuff like saving data). Maybe try disabling the BindToClose()'s and see if this issue still happens?

Btw, when you shutdown your server, I really recommend having Merely’s Soft Shutdown Script. Specifically the version that was edited by TheNexusAvenger. It essentially detects when your game gets shutdown and rather than everyone immediately getting kicked, the script displays a This server is being updated - Please wait screen and then moves all of the players to updated servers. This will really help with maintaining your player count and will improve the experience of your users :happy3:.

We already use the Soft Shutdown script. We disabled it for debugging purposes to help try to diagnose this problem.

The only script that uses BindToClose is our Datastore2 module, and as far as I can tell, no other users of DataStore2 have reported this issue.

Also, whenever a Roblox server shuts down, I was under the impression Roblox doesn’t route players to that server, regardless of whether or not there’s a BindToClose keeping it open.

Yeah, this is a really serious issue. I can personally vouch that we’ve done as much investigation as we can and can’t identify a logical issue. This can only be described as a bug. @buildthomas Does this qualify in your opinion for category move?