Can't put animations on sale?

Hey guys, I am facing a bad problem, i made 5 animations for a melee tool, but the problem is those animations only work in studio, and i cannot put them on sale to make them public (if that is the way that its supposed to work), the on sale button is disabled for some reason, can someone help me please?


Using the animation editor, you have to export it. You can only use the animation on the account that uploaded it. Looking at the configure page, there are no options to sell or give animations to other accounts.

File > Export > Create New


You created the animations yourself?

Also what do you mean the button was disabled? What button are you referring to?

You can export it as a keyframe sequence! That way, if you’re doing a commission or anything like that, you can give them the keyframes and they can upload it as an animation.

An alternative would be to upload it to a group so that multiple people can have access to it. Right now animations cant be viewed by others if they arent both in studio.


Animations were never able to be sold. I believe it has something to do with security or the way that creating or using animations works.

In cases like this, what you’ll want to do is save the dummy you use for animations. Make sure that you save animations before exporting them. This way, you can pass the dummy between groups or other players, they can load the saved animations in the animation editor and then upload it themselves.

As for your animations only working in Studio, you’re probably either encountering a permission error or a code error. In the case of a permission error, only the owner of the animation may use it (for groups, only group games). In the case of a code error, you’ll want to address the code which is responsible for playing your animations.

Could I also interest you in #development-support:design-support? This is not quite a scripting question. Realistically you should put it in Development Discussion but New Members can’t create topics there. You can search through it though; I’m sure questions regarding selling animations have already been asked before.


Its not about security, if an animation is used through hacks then its the game creator’s fault for getting and owning the “no no” animation that was for sale. But right now we arent allowed to let people take our animations and use them in their own games, theres litterally no reason behind this.

Not sure why this thread was necrobumped for that: yes it is about security and asset safety.

It was possible to use third party animations in games that the owner did not explicitly have in their inventory, resulting in some fairly foul exploiting (inappropriate content, strange manipulation like super jumping, so on). In addition, not allowing others to use assets they don’t own is part of this process, hence why you can’t use another’s animations nor break them down into keyframes.

This isn’t the place to discuss the reasons why, nor argue Roblox’s decision. The reason was included to back why this is the case. If you want animations to be able to be sold, then make a Platform Feedback thread. Staff will not see your comments here.