Can't remove thumbnails from group game

I can’t remove the second thumbnail on this game. It says “Invalid Permissions” when I try.

Edit: Had another group member remove it


Also encountered this issue today. Can upload and move thumbnails but not remove.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I went ahead and filed a bug internally so we’ll be looking into this shortly.


This bug is still occurring and has been occurring for well over half a decade, it appears to be caused by video thumbnails for some reason. Any updates on the situation?

(Sorry for reviving this old thread, it’s the first result on google)


This is a super old post and lacks repro details – probably better to send a new message to @Bug-Support about this with more details.


Can confirm. Had this same issue just now. Changed my image thumbnail after two days, never used a video

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This needs to be fixed, still happening at the moment

Video of the issue

i’m on the group owner account

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Can secondarily confirm, experiencing this as well with a freshly uploaded video.

Hi everyone!

We can move the conversation about this bug over to a new/fresh report where we have more information regarding the issue, the updates will be announced there also:

We are closing this thread because of lack of details!
However, thank you all for flagging!