Can't see any converations

I understand that the Talent Hub is quite a bit laggy/buggy right now.
When I try to see my conversations that I’ve made it comes out blank.

I can also not create a optional message for a job application.

Please tell me a solution for both of these problems. :grinning:


I hope you realize that #bug-reports:talent-hub-bugs would’ve been more suitable for this…


It’s the same thing for me but I also can’t see any applications on my job posts even though it says people have applied. Nothing I’ve tried has worked

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Oh sorry, couldn’t find the right category.

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The Talent Hub is extremely broken right now, it’s having extreme issues.

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Hey thanks for the feedback. Could you please check again?

Still not

Never mind, it worked now when I tried this.

It also works normally now too. Thank you, this will help a lot to find a job!

I believe I had this problem too, but I think they just fixed it because it’s working again for me now too.

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Thanks for the report.
I saw your video, which was clicking on ‘view application’ → go to inbox page → you can see the conversation list.
But if you go to inbox page directly then click → Jobs I applied to , is the same conversation list showing?

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