Can't See Universal on other Materials Ingame

I suggest taking a look at the screenshots first, since they provide the most info for this bug.

I checked all my graphics both ingame and in studio, and I put both to the max setting and this bug still occurs.

For some reason, in Edit mode, the Universal surface appears on bricks that have a material other than Plastic (specifically Slate and Cobblestone in this case, I haven’t tested other materials), but once I click Play/Play Here (go ingame) the Universal surface disappears on the Slate and Cobblestone bricks, but remains on the Plastic brick.

Again, I’ve already tried editing my graphics in both Studio and ingame, and I’ve restarted/reinstalled Roblox Studio a couple times as well.

Here’s a view from Edit mode:

Here’s a view from ingame of the Slate and Cobblestone bricks:

And here’s the view from ingame of all of the bricks (Plastic, Slate, and Cobblestone; all of which have the Universal surface on all faces):

If I recall correctly this is because you are using materials and materials will hide surfaces other than smooth or something similar to that.

EDIT: Here’s an official reply by zeuxcg

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Plastic & SmoothPlastic is the only material that shows surfaces. They appear in Studio so you can see how the connections work.


Yeah as others have said, they don’t show in Play/Test mode on materials. You could probably add a Texture object with the Universal texture on.

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