Capture/Domination mechanic, how can i achieve it?

Good morning guys, so i am making a Domination game style that has points where you need to capture and then keep advancing, but i ran into a big problem and is that i dont know how to do the part where a player of team1 and a player of team 2 are in the capture zone and then stop the capture process until player1 or player2 has left the capture zone, how can i detect that playerTeam1 or playerTeam2 has left the capture zone and then continue the capturing process? I have thought about putting a Boolean value on the player so i can check if player has entered in capture zone or not, also i thought doing like a capturer and defender variable, but i dont know which one will be more efficient. Thanks in advance!!

Hmm, perhaps look at this fps resource that has a hard point capture system:

Otherwise, perhaps you can use a region detection system like zone+ below to detect if players are in the area.

Then using a method to check what team they are in like tagging them with collection services or using an ObjectValue that the character has.

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