Cars Don't Work For Some People

So, I’ve been playing around with my code to get my cars driving, and when trying to do Xbox Support I received help from @CloneTrooper1019 with some of my code to make it more efficiently work for Xbox/PC/Mobile.

Originally My Code looked like this:

Clone had me change it to now be this:

My code is a local script being run inside the player’s backpack that finds the car in workspace because the car gets named “PlayerNameCar” in Workspace.

Ever since this change though I’ve run into some strange problems involving players unable to drive the car. I made this change on November 17th, 2018. So, I’m unsure if a more recent Roblox update is the cause of my issues, or not. From what I can gather using prints and asking people to check their ClientSided DevConsole when they run into issues, and asking them all sorts of questions:

A. The vehicleseat is getting input. My prints output 1s & -1s for Throttle and Steering.
B. This happens more frequently to laptops than desktops.
C. Happens more often to Windows users than Mac users.
D. Re-joining the game doesn’t fix the problem. (Neither does signing onto a new account)
E. Changing which car you’re driving doesn’t fix the issue. (When a player leaves the car and gets in a new one, the old car is un-named and the new car is re-named)
F. Sometimes a player will have this issue for a half hour. They’ll re-join the game, change cars, jump in and out of the same car repeatedly, all of this non-sense for a whole half-hour, and then suddenly the car magically works on the 100,000th try.
G. Users seem to have this issue more readily when getting into a car for the 2nd time in a server, after previously having a perfectly working car.

Notably, the biggest oddity to it, is this problem has never happened to me, or my 3 closest friends.
Everyone else I’ve talked to, says it’s happened at-least once.


I started having the same issue myself.

For whatever reason vehicle seats don’t seem to be readable when using User Input Service.

It’s either one system or the other.

Here’s an interesting part on vehicles I found yesterday.

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I have at the very least noticed the first time I get in a vehicle seat in any server, I can’t drive. The second time and every time after I’m fine.

Noticeable thing to try and replicate this, some players have this happen just about anytime that they drive a car, leave the server, come back, and then try to drive again. Idk if this new development in my findings is anything others have been having, but it’s very annoying.

hello, how did you fixed this problem?

The problem ultimately concluded to being that when using code to drive the car, if you utilize the vehicleseat inputs, it will occasionally break. No idea why, but it simply do be like that sometimes.

Best way to avoid this, is hard code your controls to drive the car. For more info:

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