[CATM] Chef Simulator!

Hello I am currently looking for developers to make a game! When ever we get inside contact I will tell you everything about that game and we can also think about ideas, & I will list all the percentages of the game and how much everybody will make. The things can change in a matter of time, everybody will be paid my percentages, so sorry if you were looking for not percentage.

Who i’m looking for:
GFX Designer,
UI Designer,

Modelers - 35% - Taken
Scripters - 35% - Open
GFX Designer - 15% - Taken
UI Designer - 5% - Taken
Animator - 10% - Open
“Percentages may be changed soon”


· You must be older than the age of 13 to apply for the positions, Im pretty sure you all must be older than 13 because your on here but just in case

· If you are not responding to anything/inactivity on the team you will be removed from the team, because you are not doing anything.


You can find me on @iTzEmail or iTzEmail#3904 on Discord hope to yall there!


This isn’t a very detailed team recruitment, you are lacking in a lot. This is pretty hard to understand from a readers point of view, but you’re probably new, so I’ll give you a run through it. When looking for people such as; builders, scripters, gfx designers and etc. You might want to maybe’ talk about the game a bit. Just saying the title doesn’t give a rundown of the game or what anyone’s supposed to do. This should help a little bit more.


I said when ever they dm I will tell them about that game. Did you read the top? & Yes im new.

Yes, but some people might not want to do that, and I’m pretty sure you won’t get a lot of people to help you with game ideas. If you don’t have a full-fleshed idea, I don’t think it would be smart to post this in the first place.

As said above you should give info about your game and not lock it behind a friend request on discord. Some dont have the time to friend requests, others may not have discord. If you dont show it up front, your going to lose 70-80% of the people who MIGHT work for you.

Another thing, what happens if the game flops? Will there be backup payment for those who worked on the game?

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I am interested. Hopefully you will think of me.

Hello! My account is currently hacked the username is “iTzEmail” They have changed the username. When ever I get it back I will get back to you. Thanks if you understand.

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