Change backpack's item equiping keybind

Hey! I want to change the roblox default backpack system’s keybind to equip an item from 1 to F. I didn’t tried anything yet because I don’t even know where to start :sweat_smile:. Is there a way to do so?

This is my first topic, sorry if I didn’t explain well :grin:

Idk if it will work, But tools are moved to their character when equipped, moved to their backback when unequipped.

So if u want to equip a tool by pressing F use the user input service to detect when the F Key is pressed, Once it’s pressed get the tool that needs to be equipped and parent it to the character, because again tools are moved to the character when equipped.

No idea if it will work, I can’t test it right now. But it does seem to make sense lol

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Look through devforum or google before making a post.

Wait there’s a method to do is

Yea doc.

Others will probably have to handle the same errors and glitches that u are currently trying to fix.

Oh, I’m sorry, I searched, but I did not found this topic. I think I didn’t choose the right words to search this. I will look a little more next time :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I tried and this worked! Thank you very much :grin:

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