Change the picture on the login/sign up page


As a Roblox developer, it pains me to look at the login/signup page on Roblox.

Currently it is an extremely pixelated picture of a roller coaster with a bright red “Roblox” logo on it. It looks really amateur.

Since this is the first page people will be seeing when they go to Roblox, I think it should look more professional. It should feature current games (rip 2013 theme park game :frowning:) and should entice me to want to play more. Something like the develop page with the video playing would be way cooler.

I know this is a cosmetic change, but I think it would make Roblox look much more enticing, especially to potential developers.


I built much of that theme park and while it has been extremely cool to have it displayed on the landing page, a new background has been overdue for years. It would be cool if Roblox held an art / showcase contest where developers can vote and submit new backgrounds which would be displayed on a random rotation.

Fun fact, the screenshot was taken at a low resolution in Studio and the cart was added in photoshop.