Changes to Hats and Body Parts

What about some hats that are more like heads? There’s a handful of other hats that can accompany them, although there are a lot more that just clip through them badly. Perhaps they could be considered as another accessory type.

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Yeah, we’ll definitely need to do something about that then. For example, take what I’m wearing:

The antlers, visor, and headphones all classify as hats I imagine, so I’d only be able to wear one of them with the new restriction. In order to create enough accessory types so that each of those would have a unique type, it’d require being so vague in accessory definition that we’d have way too many accessory types. Restricting by the current accessory types is not good, but neither is adding enough new accessory types.

Instead, allow avatars to wear any number of accessories of the same category, but limit the number of accessories on the character to the number of accessory categories. Characters are prevented from wearing too many accessories (for performance reasons), and players still get to customize their avatar to their liking.


I really, really like this. This is in my opinion the best and most reasonable solution.


That would allow up to 8 hats… that doesn’t seem like something we’d want. Also think about how it feels for users to dress up their character. Imagine if Diablo allowed you to wear up to 10 armors, or 10 rings, or any other mixed combination. It’d be super weird.


But with 1 in each category that would allow for up to 8 accessories. No difference performance-wise if that was your concern.

Imagined if every piece of armor was split up into different pieces for you to mix and match. That’s how ROBLOX is. Mixed hats look fine, and the hat system was built to encourage users to be creative. I don’t see why users’ avatar customization should be limited to what makes sense, because it’s their character. If they want to, let them. Build anything, Be anything, ROBLOX.


Regarding InventoryHandler, the JSON will stay the same. If you use the trade page and monitor the network you’ll see that instead of having tradeFilter query string parameter, we pass up assetTypeId instead. Once accessories are live, you can use their assetTypeIds instead.


Oh boy… So for people who load up people’s entire limited inventories, we’re going to have to send a minimum of 10 requests to get them all? I know the idea is to get away from the arbitrary filter identifier, but I just feel like it’s going to add a lot of work to look through someone’s inventory, manually or not.

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Pls don’t have this mindset, I want to wear more than 3 hats.

My character used to have 4 hats due to a glitch.

But ROBLOX eventually made a patch that checks if the user is wearing more than 3 hats.

This ruined my appearance, and I had to improvise using a shirt.



We’re rolling out some of the updated attachment points for hats today. This means that hats will start being the ‘Accessory’ class in game. Make sure your games are ready!


Every single hat?

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Yes, all hats.


So in a sense, you want to limit other players and their creativity in expressing themselves through their character because your opinion on this is that it is “super weird”? I agree with @EchoReaper here

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Yeah I don’t want to restrict users. In game you can do anything - unlimited hats, unlimited scale, etc. I was just clarifying that the suggestion actually amounts to going from 3hats to 8hats.

Check out my favorite personal outfits - I also really like overlapping hats. My ideal would be to be able to wear every spike hat at once and be a gorgon of spike heads.


Hence I believe @EchoReaper’s idea for the hat customisation update is a really good alternative; limiting the max amount of hats to the amount of categories (8) but not restricting the limit per category, could be a really good alternative for the current idea. It will allow for so much more customisation and freedom, and I believe it’ll have good feedback from a large majority of users on ROBLOX.

Bumping the idea


Most of the hat attachment points have been updated now. Swordpacks attach to your back, shoulder friends stay on your shoulder, etc. Let us know if you see any weird behavior or assets that were not properly updated.


Looking forward to the cool “hats” we’re going to get now!

I’d really want a ‘Roblex’ Golden Wristwatch :smile:

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I thought this was a universal bug with the new update, but apparently it’s only happening in my game? As far as I can think, all I’m doing with hats is a hat cleanup, which I’ve already updated. As far as I can tell, I’m not doing anything concerning how the hats attach. Still digging for the cause of this.


Check if theres a weld in the Handle of the Accessory.

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There is, it is called AccessoryWeld, and when I delete it the hat falls off.

Are you sure it isn’t connected to anything else?
Is your joint offset inverted?