Changes to Top Contributor and other distinctive forum titles

They actually won’t. What happens is all is automated, except a staff member must evaluate and review to make sure this member is suitable with the title. So really, it does a lot of good, it gives less of a hassle for staff to need to invite a few people and review them anyway, they get the help of automation and only need to review them.

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I was unware that this was the case. In that regaurd it’s still good to see the role being acknowledged, as it seemed to have slipped by the wayside previously.

It will be interesting to see which members eventually do cross into Sage territory, as it seems some vaugness around the role in general has been cleared.

Great change, I also believe this will make it easier to find some of the more “high-quality” responses in certain categories.

Congratulations everyone that got promoted! :tada:

Sorry if this doesn’t sound as important and rather nit picky but I feel the forum badges Sage and Post Approval fit in the “Community” category rather than “Other”. Might wanna move those badges there?

Since they are invite-only ranks that will not be automated, they are in a separate category. They are community-sourced ranks but they are not mandated by the community as a whole like Member / Top Contributor is.


Awesome change! Congratulations to people who got promoted.

My god, he’s actually right!

In all seriousness, this update is really appreciated, congrats to the new TCs and thanks to DevRel for letting us know of this!


OO Nice additions to the program! Community Sage… it got a ring to it gotta say

Looking at those names, I believe that Community Sage is quite creative for a contributor role. Good selection.

Seems like a good change which will help facilitate the expanding Forum with the growing number of newer members.

Some good improvements to the Forum recently! Congrats to anyone who achieved Top Contributor because of this change! :partying_face:

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Ah okay, thank you for clearing that up. Kinda felt I should’ve asked that anyway.

I love the new title!
Community sages… the elite wizards whom control the robloxian universe…

I also support the automation of the top contributor process, as it may shed light on even more developers who happen to be a bit more obscure and truly enjoy contributing to the community.

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Mm, pretty interesting new name for the Lead Top Contributor role… but a pretty cool one?
Congrats to the people who got promoted by the way!

“Sage” is a type of plant :herb:

I want to be a plant someday ;-;


I know this might be a little off-topic, but how do you become a top_contributor?

It requires, as mentioned in the post, a high level of activity and helpfulness to others, as well as a manual check of your history on the forums by staff before being granted the title and flair.


How do you get staff to do that?

I highly doubt that someone could go from New Member straight to Top Contributor (even if you are the #1 game developer)… Your first step would be going from New Member to Member.

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Once you fulfill the other criteria for becoming a Top Contributor, they’ll check. One of those criteria is being a full Member though, so I would focus on that before worrying about a title like Top Contributor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s simply.

How to become a Top Contributor from visitor

  1. [AUTO] Meet the requirements for new member and gain the correct trust level. Ref A

  2. [AUTO] Similar to point 1, head up to being a full member. Ref A, the specifics are not known. Guides like How to become a full member can help

  3. [AUTO] Meet the requirements defined by Top Contributor. Ref B

  4. [MAN] Once step 3 is met, a staff member will review your contributions. To quote from Ref B

  1. If you’re successful; congrats! You should be given the flare; and auto joined the group

In the end, there is not much known but in a simpler sense, this is how you go from top to bottom.


Some sections are hidden as per syntax
[AUTO] refers to any process where a majority or all is automated in some way.
[MAN] is similar to auto but rather is done manually or may have some automation but not to a level that a typical user could see the system as automated.