Changing camera view on FPS weapons

Let me know if this topic is in the wrong discussion

how to minipulate the camera view on an fps weapon, im thinking about taking the timesplitters approch on the weapon view, kind of like this where the hand isnt at the bottom of the weapon, any suggestions.

This would not be appropriate for this topic, this is a place for helping fix existing code or small snippets on how to do things. This is an entire system of a game you are requesting to be scripted.

im not trying to recreate a game im trying to see how was that camera minipulation was done

im using refrence or insparation

Generally, you need to know how to use CFrames, I would suggest watching the alvinblox CFrame tutorial as it’s the latest then reading the understanding CFrames article then reading the CFrame math article.

Anyways is this what you are looking for? Where the gun is in front of the camera plus it’s springy like the golden eye approach though you can change the direction whether the gun is leading or lagging behind the camera change.

Here it’s pretty easy to copy and paste to try and understand and play around with it, try it out!

This is exactly what i was looking for thanks

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You could take apart things like ACS.