Changing someone's starter avatar without having to LoadCharacter() them

I have, same thing happened sadly.

Could you try putting the model you’re getting the HumanoidDescription from to ReplicatedStorage or workspace?

Im pretty sure replicatedstorage is for local scripts and not server scripts, but i will try.

No, don’t put the script, just the model.

Ok, i put the model in, same error occurs. I wouldnt put it in workspace though as first, its unanchored, second, i dont want players to see them just on the map weirdly.

Okay, I guess you’d need to yield a second ( wait(1) ) after getting the HumanoidDescription, so their character can fully load.

Did what you said, this happened…

The humanoid must be a descendant of game, which means set its parent first then applt description

It’s parent is in a folder thats inside server storage.

I don’t think you have to clone boyguest and girlguest, try that. When you clone something, the clone’s parent is default nil

I did after i sent the script though.

I guess you’d need to clone it, parent it to workspace, and destroy it after applied HumanoidDescription.

Weird, the same thing happens again, its just a character with black body colours.

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