Character attack moves, animations and effects: Feedback wanted!

i began scripting around 2 weeks ago without any knowledge. i would appreciate feedback on what i can do better :slight_smile:


Wow these animation are some of the best I’ve ever seen, keep it up!

@70Night #help-and-feedback:cool-creations can be used for general feedback. OP is not asking for any feedback on scripting, thus there is no need to use #help-and-feedback:code-review or #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

These look really neat! Considering you’ve only been scripting for a couple of weeks, it looks like you’ve learned quite a lot!

I am nothing of an animator, but the first and third moves start very abruptly. I’d suggest you add some kind of telegraph to these moves to tell others what the player is about to do. This is done perfectly in the last move using the ripples.

I see a lot of beams and meshes, but where’s the particles*? Of course, particles aren’t necessary, but they would definitely add another layer of depth to the moves. Perhaps the crystal of the player’s stomach radiates purple smoke, or maybe a bit of dust shots up into the air as the player attacks - it’s up to you!

* = For extra clarification, I’m talking about the ParticleEmitter class.

This may be stupid but maybe less of a camera shake

You began programming 2 weeks ago and you’ve already created this? I have been coding for over a year now and I have little idea how you did this. I am impressed.

I think the camera shake is good, but it is a bit much for some of the moves. Maybe tune it down a little bit? Other than that very good work

it looks amazing! Nice job on the graphics!

Out of curiosity - how did you create the models for the explosion effect?
I’ve been looking for a way to easily create these kinds of things, and I would be eager to learn!

First of all, great work! i see you understand visual effects at a certain level, since you started scripting 2 weeks ago, im thinking scripting might be “bottlenecking” your effect abilities, take your time to learn it all, lots of resources, till then, heres what i think could be added/corrected:

  1. Particles: i can’t stress how much particle emitters would help enhance every effect here, lots of them, i’d go for random sized circle looking purple particles, if you could script their acceleration to spin and make whirlwind effect on top of the already well made ones, it would make it look 10x better!

  2. Making everything smooth: i don’t know if low FPS is the style you’re looking for, but these look a bit choppy to me, the effects animation and the camera shake, i’m assuming you do while wait() or wait(amount)'s to animate the meshes, try using renderstep (learn about it, it helps a LOT to make things smoother, because well… it runs every time a frame is rendered), also the camera shake doesn’t seem smooth either, it’s because the delay every “random shake” it stays there for a few frames, then does another random position, do that every frame, or even better, use springs! theres also an easier method by using @Crazyman32’s Ez Camera Shake module.

  3. Ease In/Out on character animations. i’m assuming they aren’t finalized yet, but simple ease in/ ease outs on keyframes help to animate the character much better, if you haven’t yet i’d learn the 12 principles of animation, sure some of them might not apply to roblox but most of them do, really enhances the feel to have great and well readable character animations.

  4. Sound: the cherry on top of cream… (lol i think this is how you say it) the last part of epic moves, makes everything pop into place! mmm… i can imagine how those attacks would sound like! take your time when choosing sound effects, well layered and chosen sound effects can make the worst animation feel like the best! be picky!

Great to have such awesome artists come to roblox, can’t wait to see what you will make with roblox, good luck!

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Thanks for the amazing feedback! I will definitely be putting these steps as a priority next time I do something like this!

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I like them all, but the 2nd one seems to start the camera shake just a tad too early.
I think it would be more pronounced if it started shaking as soon as the player hits the ground and tappers off to no shake.

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