Character decelerate after stopping

In many roblox games involving a clean movement system the character slides a bit after they stop. I want to be able to put this into my own movement system but I am completely stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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you’d have to use either a linearvelocity or bodyvelocity to Lerp them to whatever your desired acceleration/deceleration is. do this on renderstepped (or presimulation) on the client and you can get some pretty solid movement systems

A cheap way to do so is to lower friction in the custom properties of parts.

Or you could use scripting and check when a player stops moving and add a velocity or something in the direction they were going.

How would I go about implementing this on renderstepped?

You can do something like this with bodymovers and physics:

Or you can do something like this with humanoid :Move()

find an alpha to lerp the velocity from its current velocity to your desired one, this’ll obv change from slowing down vs accelerating as you want to make the movement from stand still to moving snappy. a lot of it is just experimenting your conditional statements to figure out the optimal alpha for your case

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