Character jumping on a moving platform

Does anyone have a simple solution for humanoids jumping on moving platforms? I need to come up with something to keep the character moving in the same direction as the part you were last standing on.


EgoMoose released an open source module that lets you do this. [Release] Custom character controller
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’d rather not replace the entire character controller with a custom one. lol

I’ve done this for a Jailbreak-style train system. This should work in your case as well!

Doesn’t this method only work with anchored parts? It might work with un-anchored parts but is very glitchy?

Oh, if you’re using unanchored parts then I’m not sure. I’ve never really tested that myself as I didn’t need to but others have said that it can be a bit glitchy. You can always play about with it and see what results you can get.

I’m thinking about coming up with some kind of VectorForce system to push you towards the part you were last standing on.