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I’ve been reading lots of posts and answers to posts, and I saw that in most cases, the 30 Characters minimum is annoying and only brings answers like: “Yes. (30 Characters)”.

I understand that the :heart: should be used in these situations, but usually the people will see It like a “I like your comment” and not like a yes. Maybe I’m wrong and the character minimum is very useful and important, so I would like to hear your thoughts.

  • The character minimum isn’t something necessary
  • The character minimum is necessary

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It is very easy to extend your post to 30 characters to make a “yes” reply without making it look spammy.

For instance:

“Would the answer to 1 + 1 be 2?”
> Yes, the answer to 1 + 1 would be 2.

Sure, but what about all the people that aren’t doing that?

If you think a reply is severely detrimental to the quality of a thread then you can flag it. But newer members usually don’t know any better so they’ll do the traditional “30 charssssss”

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If your post doesn’t exceed 30 characters, it’s not contributive enough. ‘Yes’, ‘Thank you’ etc should be, as mentioned, represented by pressing the like button.

That’s what liking is for… Pretty sure this is still considered spam. I like responses if I don’t have anything constructive to add or if, like here, they answer their own question.

An example of a better response there would be something like:

Yeah, it’s 2. You can check this yourself, though, just use a calculator or do something like print(1 + 1) in the command bar.



Giving a like isn’t always the same thing as a ‘yes’

My opinion on this is 30 character minimum shouldn’t be removed. Most of the times it’s better for the post to be over 30 characters. Sometimes I see nothing wrong with bypassing it, for example if I would be asked “Where is that script? Is it in Workspace or where?” I would answer ServerScriptService <html><html><html><html><html><html><html><html> (that html spam becomes invisible when you post it).
In that situation I don’t want to think of any ways to stretch the post to be over 30 chars without bypassing, I just want to get issue solved as fast as possible and continue scripting.

TL;DR The 30 character minimum should stay, bypassing it is sometimes ok in my opinion.