Character not freezing?


I am unable to reproduce this, I tried disabling and enabling it at a 1 second interval and it never failed (tested 61 times)


Neither can I, I tried to make this happen and it would not work. Yet players are saying its broken.


Would changing it to BindAction work?




Don’t have to change anything else?


You need to remove the ContextActionPriority argument too, but other than that nothing needs to be changed.


Enum. ContextActionPriority.High.Value, - would i need to remove this line?


If you read the api for BindAction (which you should always do before using a method you’re not familiar with) you’ll notice it does not take a ContextActionPriority argument. So yes you have to remove that otherwise it won’t work!


Bind action did not work… Players can still move while the server is moving them.


local service2 = game:GetService("ContextActionService")
local FROZEN_ACTION_KEY = "FrozenPlayer"
    function() end,


Is it something im doing wrong? Im extremely confused…


I figured it out, you can just disable the control script and your fine!