Character respawns do not correctly fire TouchEnded events

Reproduction Steps
Stand on a part (“Button”) with collisions disabled and respawn your character (via Player:LoadCharacter()). Button.TouchEnded will not fire for any parts still touching Button upon character removal and respawn.

Here is a simple repro place file: TouchEnded.rbxl (38.4 KB)

Expected Behavior
TouchEnded events should be fired for all parts inside a character 100% of the time.

Actual Behavior
TouchEnded events do not fire for parts in a character under certain conditions.

Listen to Player.CharacterRemoving and manually call a custom TouchEnded function for each part inside the character model.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often


If you’re disabling collisions, I would expect all the Touch based events to not trigger.

Can you include the script you’re testing against aswell as I’m on mobile atm, just to sanity check your code and test case.

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Disabling collisions does not disable touch events and has not disabled touch events since March of this year, so you would be expecting incorrect behavior.

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Interesting, good to know. Thanks for the correcting.