Chat Channels Script

Does anyone know how to create a script with chat channels, for example, in some games there are “system” channels and the general chat channels.

I’m afraid this forum isn’t going to write the code for you. Nor can one directly tell you how to do this. I would say it’s better to figure it out on your own. Developing problem solving skills is imperative to becoming a good and skilled programmer.

You should look into this Roblox Developer API Reference that goes over the basics of the chat module. You will need to fork the Roblox’s module meaning it won’t get updated when Roblox updates the chat system.

I recommend that you take a look at this topic linked below. I would specifically look at the Chat Behavior part.

Is it against the rules to do so?

They are trying to say that we will not spoonfeed you the code to do this, but we will provide guidance by providing articles/URLs to stuff that will help you.

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