ChatService Issues

When I use ChatService to edit chat colours the chat box is invisible. The chat button at the top is still there but the chat screen is sometimes invisible.


This is my code, I am not sure if my code is affecting the chat or it’s just a glitch. Help would be nice, thanks.


That is not the way :SetExtraData works, I’ll provide an example here.

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I did change my code since ChatColor needs a Color3 value. However, this does not solve my issue on why does the chat disappear sometimes.

That seems like a Roblox issue, I have that issue in studio as well.
Doesn’t happen all the time though.

Is it just in studio or does it affect the game?

It does not affect the game in any way, but it’s annoying to see the chat disappear.

I guess that’s a relief if its just a studio issue then.

Should only be in studio, I have never experienced that while being in a live server.

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