ChatterBlox [v1.4] - Create dialogue with ease!

I can’t really seem to find it again…I’ll let you know when I can reproduce it.
For some strange reason, after deleting these node connections, they end up connected to nothing when restarting the plugin.

After deleting these empty node lines, I got a new error.

There is another visual glitch when restarting it too.
Even if it is connected to a node, the dots display empty. I can fix it after reconnecting it.

Edit 2:
When editing display node text connected to a split node, this error occurs.

I’ve (hopefully) fixed all these bugs except the first one. I unfortunately don’t know why that happens. However, I have added the ability to duplicate dialogue in the main menu. Maybe duplicating the dialogue and deleting the old one will fix this?

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I don’t like how it prints out messages every time I do something…Could you fix it?

Kinda bugged somehow…

You should also test your plugin before updating it.

Could you add a Event or Function node that fires an RemoteEvent/BindableEvent or RemoteFunction/BindableFunction

Also, add an ProximityPrompt option that would detect an ProximityPrompt inside of a NPC model, and trigger the dialogue when interacted.

Weird, split makes it so it’s always at 3.

After deleting the split object, it’s 6 and 2 when reconnected.

I keep getting this error when trying to make a dialogue @COOLDEV16T

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Exact same for me. I CAN’T create a new dialog thingy it just won’t do it. I’ve restarted Studio, reinstalled the plugin, disabled and enabled multiple times but it gives the error and just doesn’t work @COOLDEV16T

Hi, I cant seem to reproduce this bug. When creating new dialogue you can’t use the same name multiple times. If you do the plugin (should) prompt you to input another name
@Rick007110 @ZoomCode

You can already do this with an Action node.

After importing the UI and scripts for the dialogue you want to do this with, go into the script named “Dialogue Client” and type something like this:

(path to proximity prompt).Triggered:Connect(function()

I’ve fixed bugs with assigning IDs to nodes

I’ve fixed the issue with lines not being connected to any nodes so it won’t happen again.

Version 1.3



Added Market where users can find presets with premade dialogue which they can edit. There is only one for now, but I plan to add more in future updates.


New Settings Window

Added a settings window where you can customise parts of the plugin to your liking.


Outdated Plugin Alert

The plugin now alerts you when a new version is available.



New Dialogue Creation UI

The UI for creating dialogue has been revamped and looks cleaner than ever! You now also have the choice to create dialogue from a preset.

                            Old                                                                        New
      image                        image

HUGE Navigation Changes

In previous versions, the main menu, Script Importer and Dialogue Edit windows were all separate. Now all windows (except the node editor) have been combined into one and to navigate through them you can either swipe or scroll on the title bar.




  • Made UI colours more consistent.
  • You now switch themes in the Market instead of main menu.
  • Added more themes which can be accessed in the Market.


  • Fixed nodes being given the same name when created.
  • Fixed node connection lines bugging out.
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When I try to change the many of the settings it just doesn’t work.

Colours show a grey box (the numbers are undernerath it)

Hope this helps. Great plugin

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I’ve found and resolved this issue. A quick update to the plugin should fix this!

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I hate to revive this topic but I’m having a problem.
Upon opening the plugin, I’m always greeted with this:
I’ve tried restarting, importing rbxm instead, but it just isn’t working.
Maybe I’m dumb but that doesn’t change the fact I can’t figure it out.

Could you upload a screenshot of the output when you open the plugin? This might give me a clue on how to fix the issue


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Yeah, here:

Exactly the same as what the other dude sent, I guess multiple people are having the issue?

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I’ve found this issue and it should be resolved once you update the plugin

When I updated it, it said it was outdated.

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Sorry I forgot to publish the fixed version. An update should fix this