Checking if player was kicked?

Hello devs! So I am working on my Anti Exploit and I need to check if player was kicked to give them a little earrape with Nokia Arabic Ringtone, I know I could use players.PlayerRemoving but that fires every time player leaves, so how do I check if player was kicked.

try running the sound before kicking the player it might work
Ive never had that idea

Well it’s still good idea to earrape hackers, because duh they are hackers they deserve to not hear xd.

Please keep in mind that vulgarity isn’t appreciated within the Community Guidelines (P2)*. It should also be noted that intentionally harming somebody irl is cause for legal action.

It’s fine to annoy players, but intentional harm is not a good idea.

But to answer your question, @puofz is right in that the music will need to play before the player is kicked. Also, the music should be played client-side instead of server-side.

  1. Ok
  2. Ok
  3. I know

I just wanted to make hackers pay for what they are doing you know.

And another quick question, how do you put gui above kick message? Like if I want The Rock raising his eyebrow on top of kick message.

GuiObjects have a Position property that uses

No I mean over the kick message gui, cuz the image then gets blured.

Ah, that is impossible as the kick message is part of CoreGui.

That sucks :/. I wanted The Rock make hackers feel quilty.

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