I believe this describes it best:

Uncertain if it is intentional but “LIVE” would imply it is publicly available which it does not seem to be. At least I think. If there’s something I’m missing then my apologies for bringing this up but I’ve been checking daily for as long as it has been labeled as LIVE so I’m not sure if this is on my end or something else.

Page URL:


Found someone to look at this! We’ll get back to you when we have an update.


See Checking user badges question - #5 by Burgundy2014.

Sorry about the confusion – we’ve now set the status to PENDING, as intended.

We’ll post an announcement when this is ready to use, and we’ll investigate why the release notes indicated that this feature was marked LIVE.


Hey again, I noticed that the release notes again said that the update was LIVE but upon checking it, it still says method is unavailable. Just wanted to update you, thanks again.

Is it possible this issue occurred again?

Yes, this issue is back and our documentation team is reviewing. When the method is ready for release we will publish an announcement on the DevForum. Thanks for the patience!