Class | An easy and smart way of extending Instances with full intellisense support

I updated the code to allow for new properties instead of throwing an error. You will have to set the allowNewProperties argument to true to bypass the legacy behavior.

Read Usage & Example for more information.

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hey, do you know how like uhm class a base component and connect it with another component,

lets say like BaseComponent is a class. and i want to connect it with another class?

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like let’s say PlayerClass and i wanna make AdminClass and connect it so method on PlayerClass works but also added with AdminClass methods

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I only made this module with attaching one class in mind, you’re going to have to rewrite one yourself. It’s probably possible by completely rewriting the metatable functions and by removing the Classes[instance] condition, but I say probably because I don’t know if Intellisense will like that.

Maybe I’ll end up writing a multi-class version soon, no guarantees though.

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When you are able, can you give me an example of it? like a small one. Thanks!

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Hey do you plan to make it support built in method, like maybe add GetDescendantsWhichAre etc. Thanks!

I already have made public code something similar to what you are looking for, feel free to copy over:

never realised it was yours, sorry. Yeah I found this. Thanks btw! But maybe like combine it with class, inside just one module?