Click Detectors with Xbox?

Is it possible to use click detectors with Xbox users?

I previously had a system for interacting with objects around the map that involved a little UI popping up above them. I changed this system to click detectors because the loop for having the icons appear caused a bit of stress on the client. I realized though that none of my Xbox users can use these click detectors. Does anyone know if there is a way to make this work?

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According to the wiki on ClickDetectors:

With gamepad input, the right trigger button will fire the MouseClick event and center dot will trigger MouseHoverEnter/MouseHoverLeave.

It should work? How have you got it set up?

for i, v in pairs(game.Workspace.PROXIMITY:GetChildren()) do
	local clickDetect = v:FindFirstChild('ClickDetector')
	if clickDetect then

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It seems to just be very inconsistent, sometimes the right trigger will open the roblox menu, other times it will trigger the ClickDetector. Sometimes you need to press the ‘select’ button to enable the GUI functionality.


I think it may be on your end. I play roblox on my Xbox from time to time, and click detectors never were a problem for me.


You’re doing something wrong…