Click GUI to Open GUI

What do you mean???

15:35:34.437 - ShopFrame is not a valid member of ScreenGui

Are you sure there isn’t a script that is doing something to the guis?

Hmm, I’m just going to delete everything and make a screengui, insert a frame into it, insert a text button into that. Put a local script in the button. Then make a new screen gui and put a frame into it. I’m not going to name anything. What should I do?

Local Script <---- Thats the GUI I want to click to open

Frame <------

Looking at this, what should I put in the textButton’s local script?

script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Shop.ShopFrame.Visible = true
try this to fix the error

I already tried it, It didn’t work :confused:

           local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
if player then
           player.PlayerGui.Shop.ShopFrame.Visible = true


Which error? 30 characters…

The GUI i want to open is no longer called Shop and the frame isnt ShopFrame, everything is just their basic name

Ok so input those names into the other names…

15:48:16.743 - Image “” failed to load: Unexpected URL

15:48:16.973 - Players.MrDankM3mes.PlayerGui.ScreenGui.Frame.TextButton.LocalScript:5: Expected ‘end’ (to close ‘function’ at line 1), got ; did you forget to close ‘then’ at line 3?

switch end to end)

(30 charrrrrrrrrrrrrrs)

It is easy to find research for such errors and often the error says what is wrong. And it is also easy to find research for a gui like this. You can try this tutorial.

15:52:12.838 - ContextActionService:BindAction can only be called from a local script

??? Where did :BindAction come from???

I’ll try it. is this so when you click a GUI it makes another GUI Visible?

That error may be from another script.

Yes (30 characters…)

Ok, well set aside that error, there is nothing but when I click it doesnt do anything