Clicking on errors/warnings/print statements in the output window is no longer linking back to the original script/module

Just recently, whenever I click on output such as this, I am no longer linked back to the original source code that caused the error


This happens on both team create and empty places on a Play Solo (F5) test.

This feature is incredibly useful for me, and part of the reason why I try to place client-side code in ReplicatedStorage rather than the cloned containers.


It hasn’t been working for me either, but if you right click the error you can access it through there. When you do right click on it then it should pop up with a few options one being “Open link” click that and it will take you to the source of the error.


This should be fixed next next Wednesday (the fix didn’t quite make it in time for this week’s release :frowning: ). For now, you can use Open link in the context menu as mentioned by CottonCandyInc.


Hi, @Subcritical_alt

I have a related issue regarding the Output Window, TestService Text Output isn’t Clickable at all.

Are these issues caused by implementing the new LuaVM?

If I should make a separate Bug Report please let me know.

This seems like a separate issue that has existed since output logs became clickable. I loaded up an old build of Studio before the bug reported in the OP went live and that doesn’t have the new Lua VM, and the problem you’ve discovered is still present.

You should file a separate feature request for this, as we never supported this in the first place.

This should be fixed now, along with some new Output improvements that originally caused this.

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