Client Anti Cheats: Aren't as bad as you think!

Try it on some old devices and/or low-end computers, it will probably false positive.

There are ways to make them very specific and reliable but its less recommended.


From my experience, scripts remotes parented to nil fail to fire remoteevents. This may have changed though.


This only occurs if the remote is in nil

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It also happens with remote functions, if you do something like return

The scripts aren’t parented to nill, they are paranted to null which is something from C++ If i had to guess.

Also it only happens with Remote functions if you are trying to get something with return, remote events should work perfectly fine.

The only false positives that I have found are mainly on studios, since apparently selecting an instance with the explorer triggers it, specially if you select the local script for testing purposes.

I haven’t found any other one in game except for the character respawning and game loading, I think adding new local scripts might trigger it but haven’t tested it yet, I tested in both my pc and mobile, and nothing happened.

uh… it will run when u set the callback AFTER destroying.

They are parented to nil, and do not have any associated bytecode

What are you even talking about…

I thought parenting to nil had a different message for some reason, but trying to mess with something that was destroyed gives an error.
The Parent property of LocalScript is locked, current parent: NULL, new parent Workspace

This doesn’t happen if you parent a script to nil, also calling enabled won’t do anything.

Now I did some test, and remote functions are fully working now, maybe It was an error in my code because I remember it giving me an error with something like:

The local script that made this callback has been destroyed.

And it was on the server, apparently It’s fixed now, I guess

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The hierarchy is handled in C++, hence why NULL instead of nil

That’s when you initialize the callback BEFORE destroying the script

Also just realized that a simple return game_______ (you get the idea) can detect if they are already injected and joined the game, so you can just crash them, UWP exploits are terrible, anyway, if anyone here wants a bypass for decedants added.

You can do the following, you can place a script in localization service, using a script with run context to client, or the service chat, this will bypass decedants added.

Make sure to make the script delete “itself” immediately for this to work, after you are done, even if a exploiter disables the script by directly getting the service, the script will still run, same goes with :Destroy().

You can then check if any of the anti cheats were disabled or tempered with, and crash the exploiter.

I have to agree completely here, Bypasses are not uncommon but provided that you break as many bypasses as you can per update then you can effectively use the client as a second line of defense against script kiddies who just steal some random exploit off of v3rm with a free exploiter that is most likely logging EVERYTHING on their (parent’s) computer, It works quite well in that regard.

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Like nearly every bypass screenshot is fake.

Do you have any evidence to back this up?

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I don’t really, mostly because I’m pretty sure no one actually released these working and undetectable versions afaik (tbf I don’t know too far)

They’re not released but they’re most definitely working, the reason they’re not released yet is because they need to rewrite their functions, I’m fairly sure Hyperion has been bypsssed by alot of people now.

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Could somebody summarize this thread? It is long and as I just found it, I don’t know where there have been some developments on better or worse ways to use this, or not to use it at all

also i’m pretty sure these are detected, they just don’t do a funny crash. roblox mods just see the funny little injections and “monitor”

Imagine an anti cheat, where It used AI, and basically it would take screenshots, of the taskbar, and the game itself, if the AI saw a “Cheat menu”, It would report it to a server and close the game without a crash, It would be kernel aswell