Client consumes my internet connection

Somehow, upon joining a game, it takes ages to load and sometimes it just disconnects me from the internet.
It’s rather annoying. It worked fine earlier today, but after around midday it seems to continuously happen.

It seems more people are having the same issue. Does anybody have answers or solutions?


This is pretty much breaking my game, especially since it uses about 5 different places with teleporting.
Dislikes are coming in fast and we’re losing spots on the top rated section (+ players) because of it.
The place has not been changed for several days. It worked fine up until today.

Link to game if anyone needs it

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Every bug should be in a subcategory:

If you don’t know the category, just make a guess, don’t post in the top category. You can always move it again later if it’s wrong.

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Strange, I was sure I selected Client Bugs.

EDIT: Moved it :slight_smile: Apologies!

Sooo because of this my game has dropped from #2 top rated of today to #11.
The player count is also about half of what it was before.
Maybe this qualifies as “ROBLOXCRITICAL”?

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Critical bugs have specific criteria (pinned posts contain helpful info!)

None of these apply in this instance, so I’m not sure.

PS: @SolidBlocks if you actually want to make it ROBLOXCRITICAL, it should literally be “ROBLOXCRITICAL” (not CRITICAL) Although please read the criteria above first.

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Oh I’m sorry!

Hm… I do think it’s critical though, as many players lose connection upon starting client.
And with connection loss, I basically mean that the internet goes bad at the person starting the client and not that the game just won’t connect.

Seems to be re-established for me. :open_mouth:
What about you @filiptibell?

Hey! :slight_smile:
Quick question; did you apply your place for testing the new chat system?

Sorry for the late reply.
I didn’t sign up for the chat beta yet :slight_smile:

The issue seems to be solved now though!

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Same here! :slight_smile: