Client not getting RemoteEvent:FireClient, whats the issue?

Add the player parameter inside the fireclient and fireallclients

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pretty sure I added player parameter ReplicatedStorage.PlayerChoosen:FireClient(player), could you be more specific?

I didnt see it lemme check agai

Oop see it now lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This seems very weird since when I run exactly same code in newly created game, it works and prints out “choosen”, I wonder if anything stops from script firing event to certain client but the thing is it worked yesterday. Do you guys think this is studio problem?

Try using coroutines


hmm ok so problem might be because of other function running at same time? I will try to see if it works right now!

Yes maybe so try coroutines they are used like while loops

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I don’t know what is exactly causing the issue but I just created another local script and moved some part of my local script there just for handling this event and it worked out! This is mysterious.