Client-Side Animating

I’m not up to date with updates that ROBLOX is having, but now, sometimes client-side animations don’t want to load up in a game. An example in the video of me showing the server and the client and it’s not playing in the server. Anyone know what update is causing this so I can know what to script to fix this?

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Appears to me as expected behaviour.

Video shows animation happening in the Client view. This is what you want, never trust the client to tell the server what’s happening, only trust the client to display what the Player should be able to see. So not clear what the problem or question is.

When you say you are not up to date, are you aware of Filtering Enabled being always on now? That means Client events do not replicate to the Server automatically. The Server does not see what the Client sees.

LocalScripts in appropriate Client executable locations can run animations on the Client which do not run on the Server and do not replicate to the server or to other clients.

Scripts in appropriate Server executable locations can run animations on the Server, but with Filtering Enabled on (which is always on now) the animations do not replicate to Clients.

Someone with more experience may be able to offer more accurate detail or corrections, but that’s the gist of it as I understand.


This should not apply for animations. Animations, as that i know, should be able to be seen by other players regarding it being a local script. According to the wiki (and out of my experience) it’s just that he isn’t in another client to see it but in the server. So yes it is expected behavior but if I’m correct other players should be able to see the animation

I always play animations on the client, and they replicate just fine to the server. However, I have had some issues similar to this. If you edit any properties of the animation (such as priority or looped), then it will not replicate to the server. Make sure you set the properties as needed in the Studio animation editor before you upload it.

Do you set any properties on the client? Maybe the priority isn’t high enough on the server to override the default animations.

Check this thread also for more info: Where to play an animation, client or server?

EDIT: Above reply has a good point. Try to do a 2 player test and see if the 2nd player sees the animation correctly.


This has been appearing in my game, not just studio. This happens for the server and other clients, where they can’t see your animations playing through the client.
And yes I’m aware of FE. Clients playing animations has never been a problem until recently.

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Are you playing these animations through an AnimationTrack created by a Humanoid? Or an AnimationController?

I’m using a AnimationTrack with the :LoadAnimation

I know, I’m asking what you’re calling :LoadAnimation on - A Humanoid or AnimationController?

Oh my bad. I’m doing it with a Humanoid.

I am still having trouble with animations replicating to other clients as well. In studio and in an actual server. Although my problem is that for all other clients the animations are mixed between the default and the custom, except on the client who plays the custom animations. But sometimes, it will not play the custom animation on other clients at all, as though its not replicating. It’s always rather ‘random’ seeming.

The AnimationTrack can be loaded/played on the client, but is the Animation object itself created on the server or the client?

There’s also this bug that still hasn’t been addressed. I’ve kind of given up expecting a response to my bug reports at this point.

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This is what always seems to happen to me. Notice how all the animations that do not deal with the ‘walk / run’ combination work. But the ‘walk / run’ one’s do not.

Appreciate the correction, always learning. Thanks

This is not expected behaviour and should be reported as a bug.

Posting some relevant code might help

I discovered that if the walk and run are the exact same animation (share the same id number, even though they might be different animation instances’) this will happen. So if you want to use the same animation for walk and run, you need to save the animation under two different id’s

If you play an animation to your own humanoid from the client, it should automatically replicate. If you set the AnimationTrack.Looped to true lets say, from the client the looped part won’t replicate (so it will only play once on the server) and you’d have to set it to looped while you were making the animation for it to replicate.

This actually isn’t true. FilteringEnabled can be turned off, but nobody does it:

That toggle doesn’t affect anything. FE is forced on regardless.


Any Instances created, cloned, animated, etc on a client end will only ever show for them. Try doing this with the

game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function(player) player.CharacterAdded:Connect(function(character)


functions. Hope this helped!