Client-Sided Hitbox or Server-sided Hitbox for this combat?

If they were highly responsive then nobody cast their hitboxes on the client lol there’s a reason people have to offset the hitbox instance they cast when they do it serversided

People do client side hitboxes to accommodate ping.

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Just because byfron exists, doesn’t mean exploits are impossible. As of currently, I still am seeing mobile exploits.

Mobile exploits are useless lol

I know its a bit late to reply to this thread, but I am going through a process of reworking hitboxes and came across this post. I agree with what you stated earlier about latency on the client. The two types of hitboxes create common issues like allowing players to hit opponents that would seem out of range on their screen, and server sided hitboxes not registering a client’s position properly when they have high ping. I believe the solution is to use client sided hitboxes when a client’s ping is under 100ms and then use server sided hitboxes when ping is above that threshold. To make server sided hitboxes more accurate, you could also try to use latency compensation by using GetNetworkPing() and a character’s velocity at the time of spawning the hitbox, and then calculating where they would have been at the time of the attack.

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Using client sided hitboxes when on low ping would be redundant. Server sided hitboxes are more accurate at lower ping, so reserving server sided hitboxes for high ping situations would be counterproductive.

Respectfully I would say it comes down to the type of combat being used, your statement may be true for a slower paced combat game, but in a game with high paced combat where players are moving very quickly, such as a superhero game where players could be flying at high speeds, having client sided hitboxes on high ping players will seem as though low ping players are being hit out of nowhere. Wouldn’t it make more sense for server sided hitboxes to be for high ping players with added lag compensation (i.e. taking the hitbox and moving it forward at the player’s current velocity with limitations to how far it can go) ?

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I stand by my previous statement. Generally speaking, client-sided hitboxes are useful for getting a better player experience regardless of ping. However if a player already has a low ping, the difference between a client-sided hitbox, and a server-sided hitbox is very small. While I don’t recommend using client-sided hitboxes for high-ping players, for the same reason you mentioned. If your goal is to improve user experience, it doesn’t make much sense to use server-sided hitboxes for high-ping players, as the hitboxes will be significantly delayed.

Server sided hitboxes are WORSE

That sounds unnecessary and not a good idea in general

When ur faced with the dilemma of ping, which is an issue for any game, i will always cater towards the larger portion of the playerbase, meaning low ping

Moreover using serversided hitboxes are just not performant
Its spamming remote events and running unnecessary functions on the server

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You may get a slightly better player experience with client-sided hitboxes, but you open up yourself to various vulnerabilities. Server-sided hitboxes are not worse.

“Better player experience” is all i needed to hear meow

Krampus shutdown and its pretty easy to detect client abnormalities, plenty of games have anticheats that detect as soon as you even attach an injector

But sure u can take the easy route and have a worse user experience (and worse optimization, with a host of other cons) i don’t really care