ClientCast - A Client-based, Idiosyncratic Hitbox System!

Hello! I’m also using this module for my game, it’s awesome! But there’s a small issue. Sometimes appears a error: “Player appears to be spamming remote events.” And it’s causing lag i guess. How can i fix that error?
or am i doing something wrong.

Hello, this is due to remote connections disconnecting when you destroy clientcaster objects, and so the client ends up sending hitbox data to remotes that aren’t being listened to. It is recommended to instead destroy a clientcaster only a character despawns, and use :Stop() otherwise.

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This module is really useful, but I’ve been having issues with high ping players being unable to hit anything with it. Currently I’m using a tool that sends a remote event to the server, that then stops and starts the hitbox, however with high ping the hitbox does not appear when its supposed to, and due to this it can basically never register hits. Any possible solutions?

Im trying to use this as a reliable hitbox for my game’s melee weapons and it works perfectly in Roblox Studio, but I found some problems in game
If I make the server be the caster owner the hitbox sometimes wont detect hits on 150+ ping, but if I set the caster owner to the player it simply doesnt register any hits
I tried everything and managed to find that if I extend the duration of the hit(which is 0.225s normally) to atleast 0.7 seconds the hitbox works but delayed

Anyone knows what could be happening?
the combat test is here if you want to check, but it has other things like running and stamina so I will try to make another place only to replicate this “bug”