(CLOSED) [100 USD or 20% ] Hiring Skilled Modeler!


Looking for a skilled modeler to create some different variatys of swords/mediveal weapons such as games like SaberSimulator and Hammer Simulator, we also are looking for someone who can make different types of boss’s for a stage by stage game.


For your work, we are willing to pay 100 USD or 20% of game profits for life (more details apon hiring).


DevForum: @DisturbedSinox

Discord: Sinox#0001

Twitter: @DisturbedSinox

P.S. If your interested in this project please leave your discord, and portfolio link in the reply section!!

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Added you on discord + messaged you on twitter. Here you can view my work: [UPDATE] 3D Modeler | cadjonathan

@Realcadjonathan // cadjonathan#6146

Thank you for applying! I’ll review your application tomorrow along with everyone else!


Hello! I am interested in this oportunity!

My portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/streetrbxl
My twitter: https://twitter.com/StreetRBLX

Hey there! Heres is my portfolio, have been Modelling for 4 years and Building in roblox for 10.

Styles depending on your needs, Low Poly, Realism etc.


Hey man! Love the work! Whats your discord?

This looks like something I can do. Here Is my portfolio. Also added you on discord. My tag is The Bloxxy Hunter#6628. Hope I can get a response back!

Added you on Discord, I don’t yet have a portfolio but i’d love to dm about the spot!

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