[CLOSED] 3000 USD + $15 - $25 hourly pay for a talented UI designer-coder [or help me find one, I’ll pay you a 70 usd referral]

Note: If you aren’t qualified or interested in the project, I’m offering 70 USD as a referral payment to anyone who puts me in contact with the UI designer-coder I hire.

What I’m offering:
$15 Hourly Pay [or, $25 Hourly Pay if you record your hours with a screen recorder such as OBS]
3k USD on project completion
5k USD from initial game profit

What I need from you:
35 hours of work per week
Evident UI design & coding experience (places, images / portfolios would be good)
Note: We are looking for someone who possesses decent artistic and visual effect related experience, comparable to the example images below, (made by Reselim)
The coding difficulty is minimal, i.e. there is no complicated math or physics systems.

Additional info
Estimated project time: 1 - 5 weeks
If you are interested, please message me on the devforum or Discord @ Vurse#0001 where I can tell you about the game.
Once a coder is chosen for the project, I will update the topic title to ‘Closed’.


Can you be more specific about what type of minimal coding it would be?

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Sure, it’s about the same amount & type of coding that would go into a decent Murder Mystery game on Roblox.

I strongly recommend @EmeraldSlash for UI and programming. had an amazing experience working with him, received 10/10 UI and code which had a load of scripted animations and transitions to make it superb. As a programmer I was also super impressed by the quality of the code


Intresting, im pretty good at coding, you can add me on Discord this is my username,

Are you hiring a ui designer and scripter seperately?

@Elttob is probably a right fit for the job


I recommend that you hire @TedArthur he is the best being UIS

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Can I just say that @TedArthur, @PalaisV or @fivefactor could fit this position perfectly? And I as an UI Designer, I don’t think I am that good so I can fit the position but here is my portofolio:


I agree that Ted would be a great choice. He is currently struggling financially, and it would be amazing if he got this sort of chance.

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I have the perfect man to you. Check your DMs.

Agreed, I highly recommend @TedArthur or @fivefactor

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I would recommend @InstanceChanged myself, he’s a good programmer and has some past experience (albeit not as much as his programming) with designing UI. You might want to get in touch, but it could be the working hours that could get in the way.

I also recommend @AshTheDesigner, who is a talented UI designer and would be able to complete the basic Lua programming you are requiring for this task.

Same here. @Vurse

You should try to commission @fivefactor or @TedArthur

They are both amazing UI designers.

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I am interested! I will contact you on Discord! Username is TaylorXIV#0447
We will chat more then!

I would he interested, can you add me: factor#0001

I’ve sent you a friend request. My Discrim is V.#8916. Here is my portfolio: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]

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I highly suggest @PalaisV! She’s done some great work and definitely deserves this opportunity!

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