[CLOSED] 3D Vector / Text Logo Designer Needed

About Us

Coastal Cove Eateries is a seaside restaurant serving our customers fresh food since the late 1800s. We pride ourselves in innovation, and creating a unique dining experience affordable to all customers.
Link: Coastal Cove Eateries - Roblox


We need someone to design a 3D Vector / Text logo for the group. There are no limits or requirements, we want you to be creative when designing this. The only requirement is that it should be aesthetically nice and professional.


We will pay you by group funds. Ideal price range is 200-300 ROBUX but if you can justify a higher cost we can negotiate it. We must agree to a price prior.

Further, we must see the completed logo prior to payment. You are free to watermark it. We will not pay first without seeing a completed logo.


  • We need a designer who can creatively design a 3D Vector / Text logo for our restaurant group for around 200-300 ROBUX (prices negotiable).
  • If you are interested in this task, please reply to this post with a link to your portfolio or with examples. You can also message me on the DevForum with examples.
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200-300 is not a good amount for a really good logo. I would say at least 500 robux.

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Can you show some examples of what your looking for? That helps immensely for those who are looking for commission work (like me).

It depends on the artist. I’ve seen many posts on the forum go into the 100-300 range but definitely we can negotiate any costs if needed.

Price ultimately depends on how much of it is done by the person and how much of it is less original.

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I’m really interested on this project!!



I avoided adding any specific examples because we really have no set preferences, were open to any idea so long as its professional and aesthetically well done. We want artists to have the freedom to create what they may want to make, whether that be a vector logo or a text based logo. Were open to any ideas or suggestions!

Hey! Here is my portfolio:

Discord: Slenics#4701
Twitter: @SlenicsWasTaken

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I am a text logo designer (main is @R0bl0x10501050) and my prices range from R$25-75!

Discord: R0bl0x10501050#9989