[CLOSED] [400 USD] | Looking for a Simulator Scripter!

About Us

Hey there, We’re a small team currently working towards our first game release!
We’ve got lots of Ideas and plans for future games aswell, So We’re open to future projects with you!

About The Job

We are looking for a Highly-Skilled Programmer with lots of experience in this field and someone who can dedicate large amounts of time towards the project.

Some of the things you’d be tasked with Coding:

  • Throwing System
  • Upgrade shop
  • Pet System
  • Pet Combinations
  • Sell
    Note: This is NOT all of the tasks, but some - More information can be provided once contacted.

we have a deadline of about 2 weeks s to complete the whole game. We want someone who’s schedule won’t mess with this too much!


We are paying 400 USD for the Job. Can be negotiated if necessary.
If you would like Robux payment, this could be discussed, though it’s not the preferred way of paying.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or
Discord: Thynkle#0333
Twitter: @Thynkle


Hello, I’m interested. I’m making a simulator but it don’t go pretty well. I made sell, upgrade shop!


I’ve sent a friend request, my username is Worst#6815. Looking forward to work with you!


Hey I’m very interested in this project. Here is my portfolio: Scripting portfilio [2.5 years of experience] - #11 by n3ver_ice I added you on discord. I can link a simulator I scripted on discord


My discord is 1x7#6657. Send me so we can talk more about the simulator.