[Closed!] [50-85 USD | 100K Robux (When earned)] Hiring an experienced GUI designer!

Light Balanced is hiring an experienced GUI designer for a one-time job.

Job Type: One Time
Compensation: 50-85 USD or 100K Robux once the game has earned 100K worth of income.

About Light Balanced
Light Balanced is a hard working development studio creating content on Roblox to impact the platform in a positive way. The Light Balanced team is striving to create quality content for all users of Roblox to enjoy. The team is working hard to create games that will allow players to be social, learn how to share, and participate in a variety of events allowing them to learn how to work together.

About The Game
The Light Balanced team is at work creating, and updating a city role-play (or Adopt Me!) type game. We are trying our absolute best to bring the best content to the game. Currently we are in the super early phase of development. The name of the game will not be disclosed due to issues of stealing.

Light Balanced is looking for a skilled GUI designer who has a lot of past experience designing quality UI pieces, and presenting the work in a formal way. Currently we are looking for someone who can design high quality, and UI pieces with unique shapes, and angles. Below is more information about the job.

  • An entire document will be provided about the specifics of the UI design.

  • This is a simple idea of what I mean by “advanced” (HERE, HERE, HERE)


  • Lots of past experience designing quality GUI assets, and presenting them in a formal way. We expect you should be able to know how to act professional, and responsible when slight errors or flaws are wanted to be changed.

  • We want you to be able to take positive criticism and be willing to change certain UI elements provided by the founder.

  • Have good communications skills and have a strong understanding of the English language.

  • You must be able to design fairly advanced UI designs that are not just curved frames. The UI designs we are looking for do require an outside program to complete.

We are looking to pay USD for the job.

Compensation Range: 50-85 USD
Robux Payment: 100K Robux once the game has earned that 100K Robux.


Twitter: @LiamSkylex or @LightBalanced
Discord: Skylexion#1457

Please reply below if you are going to apply with your discord name, or Twitter tag.

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I am interested but do you have a back-up plan? Because it’s not guaranteed you’ll get 100k. Do you have money you can pay straight after they have done the job?

50-85 USD

30 charsssssssssssssss

Alright, I’ll send you a message via DevForum because I am interested in applying.

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I’m interested Dan999plus | UI Designer

my discord Zoxian#7341

Hello, I am interested in this position!
Here is my portfolio: [Closed] Katato's UI Designing Services

I use Photoshop 2020 and I have a graphics tablet to draw icons if needed.
My discord is ItsKatato#2907

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