[CLOSED] [50 USD - 100 USD] Complete Game GUI

Who am I

Hi, I’m ScriptTops, Head Scripter for a studio working on a new game. We’re keeping the project a secret until we find the right fit for the job.


We’re looking for a complete GUI for a simulator game. We will outline the exact things we want and the style we’re going for when you’re picked, but it will be an entire game’s GUI. Please keep this in mind before applying if you do not think you can handle this.


As stated in the title we’re willing to pay 50 USD for this, if we like your work then we may increase this up to 100 USD.


  • can speak English enough to conversate and give updates
  • 13+ only, I know people under 13 can do amazing work but for legal reasons, we require the applicants to be over 13.
  • must have a portfolio, if you do not have one you should make one.
  • must have work examples


  • Discord: DevTops#9999

Thanks for reading and I’m excited to hire you!


Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] NabeelPlays' Portfolio
My discord tag is: NabeelPlays#0051


Your job position sounds really interesting and I would be more than happy to discuss the details with you in DMs. I have a ton of experience in the field and I think this could be a really fun project to work on. I sent you a friend request!

Best Regards,

I’m Interested Closed | Zoxian | UI Designer


I specialize in cartoony GUI’s added you on discord ImjustaStufful#5873

Thank you to all the applicants, you all had amazing portfolios. We’re no longer taking new applications while we review the applicants. Thank you!

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