[CLOSED] [50,000 R$] Hiring Artist To draw Game Menu Background!

//About us & the Job

Hello! We are the Gods’ Domain dev team. We are looking for a one-time commission for the game’s opening menu.

//The Team

avozzo - Scripter, Owner & UI
Caaguin - Builder
Cuansety - Builder, Modeller
oh my days - Animator
Pain - Marketing, legal manager & UI
Queenie - Particle FX (VFX)
Markus_Dionysus - Music & Sound FX (SFX)
Zintenka - Monster Modeller
Shadelight2 - Monster model rigger and animator

The Game

(Map is around 16k studs big)

//What we are looking for

As stated, we’re looking for an experienced artist to draw the background menu for our game.
You need to have at least some background and previous work, and also be at least 14 in order to apply.
Example of what we are looking for;

I’m aware this is hard to draw; rest assured, the price won’t be low either.
We have practically no upper limit regarding robux, and for other payment methods you’d have to contact us.
Pricing will be negotiated privately; I am unable to appropriately set a price without seeing the quality of your work!

Contact me through Discord: Pyseph#0001


You want that but ROBLOX version?

I’m interested, where do i contact you?

Not really; something along with that style.
I’m not looking for drawings that use ROBLOX characters in them - they should be more masculine and humanoid-like.

Ahh my bad!! I forgot to add the most important bit hahah

Added it to the thread, Pyseph#0001

Is the method of using 3d rendering then editing in drawing software is what you are looking for ? or Completly Drawed Image?

Completely drawn would be much appreciated, unless you’re really talented with 3d rendering!
I’m looking for a more-so cartoonish style instead of 3D, as 3D would probably take much longer, especially considering how adding in small details such as rocks would be much harder.

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Yes i agree with you , aswell as the beast on the preference image is also hard to make unless you have one?

I’m afraid I don’t have any of the models for use.

Hello, please don’t attempt to scam me.
I have received two friend requests from people that tried scamming me by using free images easily found on the web - I’m not stupid.

Hello! I am interested in drawing a high-quality drawing for you. My Discord is Inkqo#8185, and I’ve shot you a friend request. :happy2:

How exactly do we draw/render an image for you if you don’t have any of the models for us to use in our picture? Are you looking for us to draw the entire thing from scratch like Leonardo da Vinci or something? Just curious, normally people would provide the humonoids/main “characters” that will be used in the drawing.

Thread has been re-opened, contact me for commissions!

Please have your work ready, and don’t even bother trying to scam.
I’ve gotten 10+ people messsaging me and showing off their stock photos they found online, implying it was theirs.


Maybe try KiraDraws, she is really good at these. Good luck!

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Thank you for the recommendation!
I’ll make sure to check them out.

Hope she fits to what your looking for. Good luck mate. :+1:

Also, if your looking for some to 3D render that image, RipperGFX is good at those type of renders.

Still looking for an experienced artist?
Check out my portfolio here.

If my style meets your fancy, contact me on Foul#0347.

If you are having trouble verifying ownership of art, I highly encourage you to ask for the mpf file of any artwork you obtain. That way, they can prove they created it by showing their layers.

In addition, another good way of proving ownership is simply asking the artist to draw while on screenshare! Most artists friends I know are huge show offs and would be delighted to, including myself. Provided of course, that they actually can draw what they say they can.

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