[closed] [$500/150k] Looking for a scripter

Hey, I’m currently looking for a scripter to code a prison roleplay type game, this will be a one time paid commission and will have future jobs, if you’re down for which you’ll be paid for.(I’ll be able to give you more info about it on Discord)

Reply below with your discord and portfolio + add my discord @Toot#0002, 637771056630726659

Looking to pay around $500 USD via, paypal, bank transfer, crypto (btc, usdt, pax, eth) or a 150k group payout.

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Hope to hear from you soon!

Can we get some more information related to the project? I barely see anything that says what we are going to script.

Can we please get some more information on what needs to be done?

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I sent you a request, I am Nv#2008

I am very interested however Toot#0002 seems to not be working, add me Eric_Homemade#0001
Got some good stuff waiting for you.

I am perfect for this! Your discord is not working. Can you add me at HendricoMaximus#3696?

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