Hey there. I’m Sirian, part of the team with Danny who are currently developing a new upcoming game, Bray County. We are currently in need of someone who is great at scripting & GUI and will be able to script our game according to our needs and wants which we will be informing you about via Discord.

About the Job

We require that the developer can both script AND do GUI.

The last scripter and GUI designer resigned, after we gave them over two weeks to prepare; which is why we need a new one to get started.

The game we are creating is a county roleplay game.
We require that the developer can both script AND do GUI. Splitting the roles are unfavourable.

Examples of different tasks include:
Team Changer, Shop GUI, Robbery System, Cash System, Ranked Uniforms, Locker GUI, Tools GUI, Tools Functionality, ETC.

There are not many requirements, though we expect you to be independent and take initiative. We would also enjoy you making suggestions and criticizing our work.

The Team


We are offering :robux: 80,000 Robux for all the work completed.

This can either be paid after you’ve completed the task as we have described or done via progress intervals. ≈ 25% progress completed → 25% of the payment.

Contacting Us

Again. We require that the developer can both script AND do GUI.
Please contact only me and no other team members, I can reach anyone here on the Devforums but I much more prefer communication over Discord.


Hope to see you soon.


Hey, I am interested. I’ve sent you a friend request. My discord user is nick#2007.

Hello I am instrested. I have three years of experience scripting, and 4 years using photoshop.
Am I qualified for this job?

If you are able to make GUIs, then yes you are.

Ok what type of scripting do you want? Is the scripting related to GUIs?

Please read the entire post before asking questions.

What do you mean by robbery system and cash system? Also what do you mean buy locker GUI and Tools GUI?

There is no way you have been scripting/doing UI. Please read the entire post. And don’t comment just because you want a large amount of Robux. You need to be qualified, which you clearly are not. I have been scripting for 2 years, yet I know I wouldn’t be able to make a robbery system, so therefore I am not offering my work, but then you are there just wanting Robux, acting qualified, but then don’t know what a robbery or cash system is.


Sorry what? I can easily make a robbery game, such as jail break/mad city when you are robbing for example the bank, I can easily make that and I already have in another game. i just wanted to know if this is the type of project he is looking to create.

That is the thing even if he is qualified most developers do it for the robux. You can tell because usually the post saying for example hiring a builder 200k+ robux tends to have more people interested then hiring a builder 30% usually people complain on that type of post. Not many developers ask how is the game doing or will this fit theme but rather if you want me to fix you have to pay double.

Hey I would like to apply. Currently in need of a job. I can do both scripting and GUI. My discord is Maxen2031#3524. Here is my portfolio: Scripting portfilio [2.5 years of experience] - #9 by onrecords

@Diamond9195, @epicnmac Sorry, but not knowing too much about for loops means that you need a little more experience to do a robbery system.

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You know sometimes people that have little experience lie about how many years of experience so they can start earning robux quick. Usually they ask people to pay first then they make up an excuse on why they cannot do it. It happen once to me.

I am aware, that is why I said I am not offering my work.

Exactly, that is how it is nowadays.

I have already made a game with a robbery system. I can do the job And my first game was made in 2017
I don’t know why you don’t think I have 3 years of experience I have the proof and I am making a super complex and fun game right now. In fact my new game will come out in about 2 - 3 days

Actually it’s just that I didn’t see that my code was in a loop because I took this from one of my older games and I didn’t know that there was a loop there because it didn’t label “Game Loop” as did with almost every other loop I have made.

Hello, Just to say this job is still open :slight_smile:


I believe we have found the suited developer. Thank you all those who contacted me.

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