[CLOSED | Acromatic Studio is hiring developers for their game!

Welcome to your first step onto our amazing group Acromatic Studio. If you’d like to know more about us, then keep reading! (Please, don’t talk about payments as I’m not forcing anyone to work for me, if you dislike it just don’t comment.)

Acromatic Studio is a brand new group that opened it’s doors just some days ago. But… No, sir, no! That doesn’t mean that we are inexperienced, we just hire the best of the best.

I hope you find Acromatic Studio as a comfortable place to hang out with friends and avoid dying of the lava! :c

Our staff may be professional, active, mature, and may have more than 13 years old. Also, they may have evidence of their talent. They will also need good communicative skills.

Our developing team that works hard every day and have the attitude that you gotta have!

@Col4ter4l - Chairman, Programmer & Builder.
@Luxorz - Vice Chairman & Lead Builder.
@tackyv - Lead Programmer, Lead UI Designer & Group Developer.
@xxoptimexx - Lead 3D modeler & Group Developer.
@Juuuses - Artist & Game Contributor.

Also, don’t say no to this! We have 1 spot… For Animator position, if you’re one of them, don’t doubt to join us. c:

This is a friendly reminder, hehe. We don’t have any game published at the moment as we are creating it! c:

Know more about the game.

The game is about scaping random maps or/and surviving! There is lava and water, we are trying to remake the genre! c:

Pay meh, pay meh, where’s my Robux?

We actually don’t pay anything to developers since we just started and we don’t have funds. That means that the job is completely voluntary.

Contact, I’m super interested!!!

My DMs are open. :3

Updated on 1/6/2020 and added new developers.


Could you give more info on what the game is or what your group is facing towards? I’m kinda interested.

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I’m interested I know how to script lua on a ok level.


Awesome, sent a friend request trough.


Correct me if I’m wrong. You’re getting people to work for you without payment, not even a percentage, while you get all the game revenue?


I’m not so bad, I don’t have funds. I just want to make a big groups but I don’t own the Robux to do so.

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That’s fine. Although you could just use percentages as a form of payment rather than giving nothing.


I am a animator. Dm me @Clxzed#8551 and why not have a shorter team as starting off with 7 random people normally doesn’t work.

What is your discord username.

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Please everyone stop talking about the payment, he knows what he is doing.

At the end of the day he might get good developers, he might not, he is not forcing anyone, it’s the viewers decision to work on this or not.

He also said he will be doing % pay, i understand if you feel frustrated or annoyed reading this post, but please stop since he already knows what he is doing so there’s not really a point on keep going, just let him be.


Sent a friend request.

Lead Programmer

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